A key component of success is having trusted partners

The loneliest jobs are those of CEOs, all Senior Executives and especially Human Resources leaders.  At these levels there are few people, if any, you can confide in within your organization regarding sensitive or challenging issues.  It is key to find a trusted business coach who can partner with you at times to help you think things through.

At other times, your organization needs assistance in handling a one-time project and knowing the right person to step in, provide guidance, insight and project management can make the difference in how effectively the goals are met.

Mary Ann Gontin is a well-respected and experienced business coach.  She is recognized for her “sixth sense” in working with people.  Through her strategic questioning and listening, she is able to assist in identifying someone’s talents and abilities, see what are the factors that prevent someone from being as successful as possible in his/her work environment and propose creative and practical solutions.  Mary Ann has extensive coaching and consulting experience in a variety of industries: business services, manufacturing, not-for-profit and global clients in luxury goods, including apparel, jewelry, leather goods and home furnishings.

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