Leadership Development

Provide the strategy and tools for successful leadership

What is your organization’s Leadership Development Plan?

Consider these questions:

  • Does your organization need to make some culture changes to stay competitive?
  • Are your current leaders in agreement on how to do this?
  • Have you identified what are or need to become the behavioral competencies in your organization that support achieving success in today’s business climate?
  • Do you have development programs for current or future leaders that will build and then integrate those competencies into the culture?
  • Are you focused on retaining top talent as the competition for talent increases?

Mary Ann Gontin can partner with you to assess, understand and define your organization’s unique culture, then identify competencies and behaviors that support achievement of business success.  She would then work with you to create and implement customized individual and group leadership development programs that are unique to your organization.  She can also help you identify any talent gaps and ways to fill those gaps, either internally or externally.  The result will be the development of a plan to ensure your organization will have the right leaders that will demonstrate the competencies and behaviors needed to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Contact Mary Ann Gontin to discuss how she can help you with some or all of the steps needs to implement or improve your Leadership Development Plan. (See also Coaching)