Team Development

Unite a team, improve communication and collaboration

The Power and Purpose of Team Development

Consider these team challenges:

  • A department team or a cross-functional team is not effectively working together and you don’t know why – or perhaps you do know, but don’t know how to fix it.
  • It appears as if a team is struggling with setting priorities, working collaboratively.
  • You’re launching a new team and want to get them connected and committed to shared goals right from the start.
  • The organization is rolling out a new software program and you need a team to be leaders in Change Management (See also Culture and Change Management).

Mary Ann Gontin has had great success in helping teams unite and improve cross and cascading communication skills.  Her focus is always on identifying the unique culture and goals of your organization and then developing team building meetings around their specific needs.  She provides practical approaches and tools that allow team members to develop shared values and interdependence, manage the dynamics of change, and reconcile interpersonal dilemmas.

Improving the effectiveness of a team directly impacts the productivity of members of the team and those working for and with them.  Contact Mary Ann Gontin to discuss how she can work with you to improve a team’s effectiveness.