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The Power and Purpose of Assessments

Consider these talent challenges:

  • A strong technical contributor who is alienating co-workers.
  • An employee who was very successful in one division but is struggling to adapt to a different culture in another division or location.
  • Your organization needs a more objective way to assess final candidates for a new job.
  • A team of talented people who can’t work together.
  • Someone in a leadership role who is not “hearing” feedback as to problems with his/her management style.

Mary Ann Gontin will discuss with you what are your concerns and what outcomes are you looking to achieve.  Based on the information she gathers, she will first decide if an assessment instrument can be helpful.  If it looks as if one or more assessments can provide insight and direction on how to improve behavior and productivity, she would then recommend the right assessment instruments to address these issues.

Mary Ann brings a grounded business perspective to the assessment process.  She partners with organizations to find ways that can:

  • Prevent hiring or promoting the wrong person or provide strategic guidance on how someone can be successful in a new role (see On Boarding).
  • Improve and enhance your leaders levels of confidence through understanding their natural personality preferences and leadership styles as well as how to adapt those preferences in their work environment.
  • Empower and train teams to better leverage their strengths.

Use of assessments is based on the needs of the organization, the individual and the situation.  Contact Mary Ann Gontin to discuss how your organization can benefit from these services.