On Boarding

Ensure new leaders are quickly successful and connected

The Power and Purpose of On Boarding

Consider the ways a new hire can become derailed:

  • Unclear expectations, especially in a leadership role, of what needs to be done in the first 3 to 6 months.
  • Not receiving an objective and unbiased blueprint of how to get things done in your organization.
  • Receiving conflicting information from the key stakeholders as to what are the critical success factors needed in that position.
  • Not understanding the potential political derailers in the organization.
  • Worried about proving he/she was the right hire, often makes decisions too quickly in order to impress.
  • Not effective in influencing or persuading his/her team, peers, boss.

Whether a new hire is external or internal, most new leaders fail in the first 90 days.  Consider the financial and morale impact when a new leader fails.  Almost always, it is because of the issues listed above.  Successful On Boarding goes beyond first day orientation or providing an employee handbook.  It involves taking a thoughtful, in-depth look at the role the new employee will play and clearly identifying possible derailers and traps.  Mary Ann Gontin has extensive experience in working with organizations to develop broad and effective on boarding programs as well as experience in providing on boarding coaching to new leaders. (See also Executive Team Coaching)

On Boarding programs can make a positive impact on the success of a new leader.  Contact Mary Ann Gontin to discuss how she can help you improve, develop, or deliver a more effective On Boarding program.