Provide the strategies to bring the best out in key employees

The Power and Purpose of Coaching

Consider these talent challenges:

  • A newly (or soon-to-be) promoted employee demonstrates strong technical skills but there is concern that he/she may not have the needed communication and/or management skills necessary for success.
  • Complaints are being made about an employee who is critical to your organization but is alienating people by his/her inability to effectively communicate or collaborate with others.
  • There is a high-potential employee that you want to ensure stays with the organization.  Providing strategic leadership skill development which is critical for his/her continued success may serve as an incentive to stay.
  • A key executive has no one internally that can serve as a trusted advisor to brainstorm with and receive objective feedback.

Mary Ann Gontin has extensive experience in providing coaching programs to address all of the above issues as well as others.  Successful coaching is about ensuring success and staving off failure. Coaching provides a very tailored and focused approach to develop and retain key employees, with the ultimate goal of improving organizational performance. Here is an overview of her coaching practice:

CEO and C-Suite clients:

  • Serves as an objective and confidential sounding board and resource to the most senior leaders in organizations.
  • Typically meets monthly to discuss strategy in dealing with key staff members, how to set and communicate expectations, how to build a stronger leadership team.
  • Helps identify key success points needed in the organization, i.e., culture fit, communication style, understanding and connection to the organization’s vision and mission.
  • As needed, can facilitate meetings with senior team to ensure all are on board with the CEO’s expectations.

Senior Executives, Vice Presidents, Directors:

  • Provides coaching to help executives improve his/her leadership and communication styles, specifically to ensure they are modeling the expectations of the CEO and the organization’s culture.
  • Typically coaches individuals who are highly experienced and talented in specific technical fields (i.e. finance, engineering, IT, etc.) who need to develop stronger and more effective ways to lead teams and initiatives as opposed to “doing it themselves” – Leading vs Managing.
  • Focuses on ensuring these executives have a clear understanding of the organization’s mission, the role his/her function plays, and how to more effectively develop and lead his/her teams.
  • Time is often spent on better understanding and further developing the key skills of influencing and persuading.

Managers (both individually as well as part of group training):

  • Provides very targeted coaching for individuals who may be first time managers.
  • Clarifies expectations and desired behaviors that are needed to be successful in the organization.
  • Develops and conducts training seminars for managers – both newly promoted/hired as well as for those who have been in a manager position for a while but have never received training in how to effectively manage and develop people and/or projects.

Coaching programs are designed to meet the specific needs of the organization, the individual and the situation.  Contact Mary Ann Gontin to discuss how your organization can benefit from these services.