Culture and Change Management

Ensure employees’ engagement with your organization’s direction

Culture and Change Management

Consider these talent challenges:

  • Your organization’s culture is not effective in driving results.
  • Lack of ownership by individuals or departments in ensuring that follow through occurs and deadlines are met.
  • Low morale of your organization or a particular department or team.
  • Complaints that your organization is too “siloed” and not enough cross-department partnering is occurring.
  • About to launch (or have recently launched) a major change in your organization and need help in getting all of your employees on board.

Mary Ann Gontin has extensive experience in working with organizations to not just implement change management but to ensure that new procedures and expectations become embedded in the organization long after the change initiative is over.  Mary Ann was trained and certified in leading change management by William Bridges, one of the leading change gurus in organizational culture.  She brings a broad business perspective along with extensive experience in working with organizations to navigate change.

Mary Ann’s goal in working with organizations in the area of change management is to provide language, tools and guidelines that improve communication and buy-in throughout the organization, ensuring both support and action in implementing the change initiative.  Contact Mary Ann Gontin to discuss how your organization can benefit from these services.